Entourage Building

Find and assemble the best (or worst) team of miscreants to help you scheme your way to victory!


Need money, or just have a gambling itch? Stop in the casino and try to win some quick cash! Knowing the right people can help swing the odds in your favor...

PvP Negotiation

Use your money, friends, wits and some good, old-fashioned leverage to squeeze value out of the competition!


Use hitmen, street thugs, or do your own dirty work as you take out contracts for Mugging, Assassination, Bribery, Corruption, and Con Artistry!

Flexible Playtime

Easily set a time limit or use various gameplay modfiers for a quicker romp in the Playground!

ENDLESS Replay Value

Randomly placed NPCs, vast amounts of player freedom, and almost infinite strategic depth ensure that you'll NEVER play the same game twice!

The Devil's Candy

Corner the Wax trade by recruiting dealers and controlling the market value, then exploit the population's dependence on your product!


Tired of dealing with your favorite NPC's Wax habit? Has the cost just gotten too high, and the player controlling the market won't cut you a break? Send 'em into rehab!

Revenue Generation

Whether it's from hustling people in the pool hall, getting into trouble with new friends, selling a soul or two to the man downstairs, or putting your ladies to work in the strip club, there's always a way to make money!



Learn some background on the game's design process and get some recaps of the happenings around the playground!